Update Wednesday, December 13, 2017

This Wednesday’s meeting will be a special speakers meeting.

It will be starting at 7:30pm and ending at 9:00pm.

“Welcome back: A New Beginning” is a 12 Step Within action to reach out to those still suffering OA members and to other compulsive eaters.

Designed as a workshop with speakers, a question and answer session along with continued fellowship, we hope to offer support to all those still suffering.

Your attendance to this most worthwhile 12 step service meeting is welcomed and encouraged.

Sponsorships Day

Good Day fellow OA Members

Notice from our World Service Office.

OA EVENT DAY .. Sponsorships Day .. Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sponsorship Day is a new event day for our Fellowship. Plan your event to celebrate the role of sponsorship in individual recovery.

The Saturday Morning Stepping into Recovery Group has agreed to host this event.

So, on Saturday, August 19 their regular meeting will be focused on Sponsorship, a great topic and will lead to lots of great sharing. All are invited to join. They hold their meeting at 11:00 am at 13 – 15 Pippy Place, The Carnell Building, side entrance.  

Hope to see you there…..