OA Men’s Skype Meeting

OA Meeting Number is 88681

Our Time and Location

Contact Info
Send a Skype contact request to info.oanl, or email maintenancemen.2018@gmail.com. Let us know you’d like to join the meeting (if by Skype, give us your Skype name, if by phone, your number.) by 6:00 PM EST on Friday of the week you would like to be included in the meeting.

We will call your Skype account or landline phone at 9:00 PM NST to start the meeting.


Online Procedures
Held the 1st Friday of each month. Your Skype page will ring. When answered, you will hear people checking in by their first name. A roll call is taken and the meeting begins. If connecting by phone, please answer quickly. If a message machine answers, it will disrupt the meeting. If you drop out, please hang up and we will try to re-connect you. Please pick up on the first ring and you should hear the meeting in progress. No need to speak at that point.